Analysis of Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Brad Anderson and published by DC

(Sequel to The Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons)

It’s about time.

1 of 12 January 2018

Cover-Rorschach aka Walter Kovacs graces the lenticular cover of my variant. True to form, his ink-blot face mask changes throughout the comic as did Rorschach in Watchmen. Here the ink-blot pattern changes with an ink blot suggesting Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman. Rorschach’s attire seems like the Rorschach of old, except his hat here, has a purple rim.

Page 1.

Frame 1- “The End is here” date is Nov…

The art here is my own, but the characters are not. All of the characters depicted below are attributed to their creators and rights owners. This post if purely for educational and aesthetic purposes. None of this work was done for economic gain; none of it is for sale. I just wanted to advocate against capital punishment, try out scratch-board, and do some credit to some of DC comics’ heroes and villains. The US is the ONLY county in the Western Hemisphere still using capital punishment. There is a nice grouping of statistics on the death penalty at:


I Brady v. Maryland, 373 US 83, 87, 88 (May 13, 1963)(Justice Douglas)

Brady and a companion, Boblit, were convicted of murder. Brady admitted to his participation, but said his partner did the killing. Prior to the trial, Brady’s counsel had requested the prosecution to allow him to examine Boblit’s extrajudicial statements. Several of these were shown to him; but one in which Boblit admitted the actual killing was withheld by the prosecution and did not come to petitioner’s notice until after Brady had been tried, convicted and sentenced and after his conviction had been affirmed by the Maryland Court…

(last updated 21 September 2021)

(This is not legal advice, get an attorney and have him/her/they do his/her/their own research)

Right to an Attorney

Perry v. Willard, 247 OR 145 (1967)

Court must advise pro se defendant of the risks of proceeding without an attorney at probation violation hearing. State v. McCullough, 178 Or App 411 (2001); State v. Goss, 175 Or App 476 (2001).

Jurisdiction of the Court

Checking the box on the judgment for probation is sufficient to give the court jurisdiction to revoke a suspended imposition of sentence. State v. Bush, 112 Or App 368 (1992).


Five levels of understanding (Belts): White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black

White Belt: Statutory Authority

ORS 161.015 General definitions

. . .

(6) “Physical force” includes, but is not limited to, the use of an electrical stun gun, tear gas or mace.. . .

ORS 161.055 Burden of proof as to defenses.

(1) When a “defense,” other than an “affirmative defense” as defined in subsection (2) of this section, is raised at a trial, the state has the burden of disproving the defense beyond a reasonable doubt.

(2) . . .

(3) The state is not required to negate a…

(Captain Justice #1, with case law (Oregon, 9th Cir, and SCOTUS)) Does not encompass rights that happen around a jury (e.g. shackling, removal of defendant from the room, etc.), just law pertaining to voir dire itself. This was presented at OCDLA’s summer conference in 2015.


Article I, section 11, of the Oregon constitution and the Sixth Amendment to the federal constitution provide for the right to a trial by an impartial jury. State v. Barone, 328 Or 68, 72, 969 P2d 1013 (1998) cert den, 528 US 1135 (2000). The right to an impartial jury is premised on concerns “that jurors be honest, that they not be interested in the outcome of the case, and that they be free from influence by the parties, particularly by the state.” State v. Amini, 331 Or 384, 391, 15 P3d 541 (2000). An “‘impartial jury,’ then, is…

Adapted from the folktale by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen.

Scott Lee Sharp

Attorney, Boise native, Comic artist, Dog person, Water loving, punner. Goal: put a comic up here once/month at least-more as I get started.

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